Business Bootcamp

How to entrepreneur with ease and empathy


This self-study programme is everything you need to know about the businessy stuff to start your business, or if you already have, to streamline your business, but without someone shouting jargon at you and telling you to hustle hustle hustle!

As a result of the programme you will:

  • Step up to charging what you’re worth
  • Engage your customers and set yourself apart
  • Grow your list by discovering where your people are so that you can get customers
  • Make a difference
  • Make money
  • Do what you love every day

Workbook - 100 page workbook full of topics listed below.

Results - You will get a better understanding of the steps needed to run a successful business, and you will receive step by step guides as to how to do this. Check out the testimonials from people who have worked with me in the past!

Lasting - This course works out to under £1 a week for a year and will save and make you more year after year. It is kept affordable by being purely electronic, leaving it up to you whether or where you print your workbook.

Here’s what’s included in the programme:

  • Setting up an overwhelm-busting to-do list system that actually works
  • Tech I love
  • A Life Audit to assess where to focus your attentions
  • How to set up your SMART goals
  • Defining your intentions
  • How to flood your bad habits with good
  • Figuring out your ideal work day
  • Peer support
  • Setting your work hours
  • An inspiring workspace
  • Essential oils and crystals to help you with your business
  • Building your self-care toolkit
  • Beating Impostor Syndrome
  • Steps to setting up your business
  • Monthly budget
  • Minimum earning requirements
  • Income goals
  • Building your brand
  • Your brand statement
  • Your origin story
  • Which social media platforms you should be on
  • How to grow your Facebook audience
  • Social media content planner
  • Email sequences
  • And more

Your Instructor

Dee Safieh
Dee Safieh

Dee Safieh is the Queen of the Spreadsheets, managing Operations and Events for multiple companies and charities for over 15 years. Dee has spent much of her life in the charity sector, as a fundraiser for humanitarian and development projects in Palestine. She has organised events attended by royalty, i.e. Queen Noor of Jordan, and been invested as a member of the Order of St John for her contributions. Most recently she was working for J.Nichole Smith Ltd, helping entrepreneurs build brands that matter. Previous to that, she was working with St John, fundraising for their hospitals and clinics in Jerusalem and Gaza. She has a frenchie called Lola, a little terror of a cat called Butters (yes, as in from South Park) and has recently adopted a blind, disabled, overweight snake called Bumblebee.

Course Curriculum

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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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